Polish health insurance sales increased by over 5% y/y in H1 2022

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-07-27   15:42

Health insurance sales increased by over 5% y / y in H1 2022, according to CUK Ubezpieczenia estimates. The pandemic and limited access to public health services have increased interest in health insurance, says CUK Ubezpieczenia.

Referring to the data of the Polish Insurance Association, it indicates that at the end of 2021, over 3.8 million Poles had health insurance, which means an annual increase by as much as 17%. According to CUK Ubezpieczenia estimates, the upward trend continues this year - sales of such policies increased by 5% y / y in the first half of 2022.

The company also indicates that the average value of the monthly premium for the life policy from the first half of 2022 is PLN 81, the average for the corresponding period of 2021 is lower by PLN 2.

"Among the buyers of life policies concluded by our clients in the last six months, the majority of people aged 35-44 are those aged 35-44. They constitute a group of approx. 27% of life insured over the last 6 months. Slightly less, 23.6% there were people aged 25-34. The average premium for these age groups is 86.4 PLN and 74.8 PLN, respectively, "said Sandra Kucińska from CUK Ubezpieczenia, quoted in the release.

CUK Ubezpieczenia is an insurance multiagency, owner of insurance calculators that compare the offers of many insurance companies. The company was founded in Toruń in 2001.

Source: CUK Ubezpieczenia and ISBnews