Polish inflation amounted to 5.5% y / y in August; consensus: 5.4% y / y

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-09-15   10:17

Consumer inflation was 5.5% annualized in August 2021, the Central Statistical Office (GUS) reported. Compared to the previous month, the prices of goods and services increased by 0.3%.

In annual terms, the increase in prices of services amounted to 6.6%, and of goods - 5.1%. In m / m terms it was + 0.6% and + 0.2%, respectively.

In August this year, as compared to the previous month, the greatest impact on the consumer price index in general was exerted by higher prices in terms of housing (by 0.6%) and transport (by 1.4%), which increased this index by 0 , 15 percentage points and 0.13 percentage points. Lower prices of food (by 0.3%) and clothing and footwear (by 0.9%) decreased this indicator by 0.08 percentage points and 0.04 percentage points, respectively.

Compared to the corresponding month of the previous year, higher prices for transport (by 17.8%) and housing (by 6.1%) increased this indicator by 1.58 percentage points, respectively. and 1.52 percentage points were also given.

Source: GUS and ISBnews