Polish Post reaches agreement on the construction of a logistics facility in the Podkarpacie region

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-09-15   16:03

Polish Post and the National Center for Agricultural Support (KOWR) have reached an agreement to undertake activities aimed at realizing a strategic investment in the Podkarpacie region, involving the construction of a new logistics facility by Polish Post, the company said. This is another project implemented as part of the transformation of the Polish Post logistics network, including the construction and modernization of logistics centers.

The Polish Post plans to build a new expediting and distribution hub covering the Podkarpackie region. For the implementation of the investment, land with an appropriate acreage is needed, while the plot of land currently available to the company does not allow for the construction of a sorting center with the capacity needed to handle the increasing volume of parcel shipments. The cooperation agreement concerns the swap of real estate in the municipality of Trzebownisko, belonging to the Polish Post, for real estate in the municipality of Świlcza belonging to KOWR. The cooperation is aimed at preparing the property for the swap, in particular, performing an analysis of the legal and business status and performing a geodetic division, it was stated.

"The Polish Post Office is gradually transforming its logistics infrastructure from letter to parcel. This requires a correspondingly larger sorting area and specialized facilities for courier parcels. Modernization and construction of logistics centers and their machineization will ensure efficient service of the growing e-commerce market, domestic and international. Subcarpathia needs a modern postal hub for handling and sorting the growing number of parcels. This is a region with exceptional potential for economic development due to its geopolitical location. A new Post Office sorting facility located near Rzeszow will ensure the quality of courier services, the volume of which is constantly growing. Also of great importance is the improvement of working conditions, which takes place through automation and computerization of sorting processes," said Polish Post vice-president Andrzej Bodziony.

The company noted that it is modernizing its logistics network, which will allow it to implement its strategy of developing its courier business and transport services in the coming years. The Polish Postal Service is carrying out multifaceted work to modernize its logistics network. Sorters for automatic processing of parcels have already been put into operation at the sorting plants in Wroclaw and Lublin. In the near future, another sorter will be put into operation in Lisi Ogon near Bydgoszcz. In addition, the largest and most modern logistics complex of the Polish Post is under construction - an expediting and distribution hub in Ciemne near Radzymin, it was stated.

Source: Poczta Polska and ISBnews