Popovičky will not yet sell land in Nebřenice, according to the municipality, the offers were low

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-08-25   09:03

In Popovičky near Prague, a dispute broke out over the planned sale of land in the local part of Nebřenice, part of the public criticizes this move. The village announced its intention to sell the week before last, and according to critics, it should not have taken such steps a month before the elections. The sale of plots with a total area of ​​approximately 7,000 sqm will not take place yet, the offers received were low according to the village management. The representatives did not adopt any resolution on the matter yesterday.

Mayor Jaroslav Richter (Village for People) said that the municipality started preparing for the sale last November. According to him, it was the best time to evaluate the land. Popovičky would need the money for the project of a primary school for 540 children, which is to be established in Modletice and is to be shared by Popovičky, Modletice and Herink.

Opponents object that it is the last available land in the municipality and they were upset that the management was making such a major decision shortly before the municipal elections. Popovičky manages the association Villages for people, which in the last elections occupied all nine seats in the council. In this year's elections, he will face the candidate Společné s váci, led by Radka Kučerová. Richter defends the position.

Kučerová drew attention to the fact that the controversial point of the council's meeting was directly called "the sale of land". But Richter claims that the representatives should not have approved any contract yet. According to the mayor, by announcing the plan, the municipality wanted to get new ideas from potential investors and find out the market situation. According to Deputy Mayor Marko Kubra (Venkov pro lidi), the village received eight offers ranging from CZK 100 per square meter to CZK 4,600 per square meter. However, the municipality does not want to sell the land at such prices.

Opponents also pointed out that the land is registered as arable land in the cadastre. According to them, after the release of the new zoning plan, which was approved by the representatives yesterday, they should become building plots. According to them, the municipality should sell them by auction. But Kubr refused, according to him the usability of the land does not change in any way. "One thing is registration in the cadastre, another thing is the functional use of the territory according to the spatial plan," he said. According to him, already in the spatial plan from 2010, this area is classified as a building plot. According to him, the new spatial plan does not change anything in this respect and only confirms the situation from 2010.

The small village with over 400 inhabitants is soon to grow significantly. In its Nebřenice part, the extensive development project Oaks Prague is being built. Russian businessmen began to build a luxurious village near the capital, after the outbreak of war in Ukraine this February, the project was transferred to Czech ownership. The first hundred apartments and villas of the extensive complex have so far been completed, under construction or in preparation. Gradually, almost 500 families will live in Oaks Prague. According to Kučerová, the question is whether the sale of the plots can be related to Oaks Prague, or whether completely different bidders are interested in them.

Source: CTK