Prachatice has negotiated with a developer who wants to build in a residential area

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-11-16   01:31

Prachatice City Hall today negotiated with a developer who would like to build in the planned residential zone in Pod Cvrčkovem. The developer proposed a larger number of apartments than the city had calculated on the basis of an older study. The investor wants to present the proposal to representatives, according to Mayor Martin Malý (Nezávislí). The name of the developer was not given by the town hall.

According to a territorial study from 2015, the land is 16 hectares and about 100 plots, the cost of networking was estimated at CZK 160 million. According to the study, over 100 plots of land, both terraced and apartment buildings, were planned.

"He is a large investor who would be interested in the whole site. He proposes the layout of the land and the method of stopping differently than we had in the land use planning documentation, which is part of the land use plan. It's a little different idea, but I understand that economically for it "We got there with a relatively generous layout - each plot of land for a family house had a thousand meters - in a situation where logically a lot of money was paid per square meter. He proposed a different layout, a much larger number of housing units," said Malý.

According to him, the developer has 15 years of experience with large investment units in the Czech Republic. "We didn't even expect anyone to be so interested that it would stop everything completely," added Malý. In 2015, the city approved an architectural study that emerged from the competition.

Already in February, the opposition movement Živé Prachatice criticized the town hall for not drawing up a development schedule. According to the movement, the city has long lacked plots for family houses. The opposition criticizes the fact that young people are leaving the city and moving to the surrounding villages.

Prachatice, home to almost 11,000 people, approved a budget for this year with revenues of CZK 272.1 million and expenditures of CZK 262.5 million. The city wanted to use a positive balance of 9.6 million to repay loans.

Source: CTK