Prague 1 plans to reconstruct an apartment building in Nové Město

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2024-02-08   22:27

Prague 1 is planning to reconstruct an apartment building on Černá Street in Nové Město. It will announce a tender for the work with an estimated value of CZK 45 million excluding VAT. According to the tender documentation, there are currently seven unoccupied flats in the 19th-century house, but the number will increase by two after the reconstruction.

According to the documentation, the four-storey house from 1870 is in a poor state due to long-neglected maintenance. The work will include the complete replacement of utilities, the construction of a lift and the replacement of the current pavilions with new glazed ones. "The floors, plastering, all door and window elements and the roof, including chimneys, also require replacement or reconstruction," the documentation reads.

There are currently seven vacant flats in the building, which will be nine after renovation. The apartments on the fourth floor will be new duplexes thanks to the conversion of the unused attic. The town hall will build a shelter with a green roof in the courtyard. "The underground floor will be used for cellars, technical rooms and a common room for the residents of the house," the project documentation further states

Prague 1, like other districts, is entrusted by the municipality with flats that it uses for rental housing for its residents. According to a recent statement by Ivana Antalová (no., formerly of the Pirates), the borough's councillor for social affairs, many of them are in poor condition and in need of reconstruction.

Prague has been facing a housing crisis in recent years due to high housing prices. The total number of flats owned by the municipality, including those managed by the city districts, is about 30,000 out of the original 194,000 that came into the city's ownership after 1991. Privatisations followed, reducing the city's stock by more than 80 percent. The city administration wants to increase the number of public housing units again and thus ensure affordable housing for representatives of professions that are essential for the city's operation, for example.

Source: CTK