Prague 11 approves objections to zoning proceedings on the construction of towers in Hajích

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-11-09   06:10

The Prague 11 town hall has approved objections to the zoning proceedings concerning the plan to build two tall Duo Galaxie tower blocks at Hajích on the site of a former multiplex cinema. The construction of the houses with apartments and offices would cause problems in traffic and parking, among other things, according to the district's management. Mayor Šárka Zdeňková (HPP11). Two 72-metre high tower blocks with 21 floors are to be built on the site, the investor is the company Thesea.

"As a mayor who comes from a civic background, I consider the plan for two high-rise buildings by Duo Galaxie to be crazy. I have personally informed citizens and HOAs (unit owners' associations) in the Galaxie area about the proceedings so that they know that getting involved and having their say is important. I understand there is a lot of interest in submitting objections to the planning process. The deadline for submitting objections is tomorrow, Thursday 9 November," said Zdeňková.

The site is now occupied by the former Galaxie cinema. The investor Thesea wants to remove the existing buildings near the intersection of Opatovská and Arkalycká streets near the eastern exit of the Háje C metro station and build two 21-storey apartment buildings with shops and other services. 276 flats would be built there.

According to Zdeňková, the construction will affect the broad area around Hájě. "It is not just the construction itself that will take several years, but the overall burden on the area, for example, the higher number of residents will increase the demands on school facilities, and the need for parking spaces in the area, which is already disastrous, will increase," the mayor said.

The town hall is also concerned that the buildings will disrupt the skyline and the landmark and symbol of the South Town, the neighbouring Kupa semi-detached house. The prefabricated houses in the area reach four to 13 storeys, while the intended houses would have up to 21 storeys. "Hájům lacks a cultural house, the location is ideal for cultural and civic amenities," Zdeňková said.

Source: CTK