Prague 12 will invest approximately CZK 145 million in various reconstructions of school facilities

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2024-02-06   10:44

The Prague 12 town hall will spend CZK 145 million on various reconstructions of primary and kindergarten schools this year. The spokeswoman of the municipal district Petra Svobodová announced today. The money will be used to expand classrooms, reconstruct gymnasiums and canteens.

For example, the town hall will rebuild the administrative pavilion of the district into four tribal and two vocational classes, which will fall under the Písnická Primary School. This will increase the capacity by about 120 pupils. The construction should be completed this September and will cost the town hall approximately CZK 16.5 million. Another two million will be spent on classroom equipment.

The new pavilion will be used by the Podsaďáček kindergarten, the construction of which the district will start in February. "The capacity of the kindergarten will be increased by 56 children. A completely new building will be built, including a new garden," Svobodová said. The current capacity is 112 children and the school will be expanded by two classes. The estimated cost is around CZK 30 million. Another CZK 6 million will be invested in the reconstruction and expansion of the school kitchen in the existing building.

Workers will also renovate the school kitchen at the Montessori Kindergarten in Urbánkova Street in Prague 12 this year. According to Svobodová, it should be ready in September and the estimated cost is CZK 12 million. In September, the renovation of the gymnasium at the T.G. Masaryk Primary School will also be completed, with the town hall putting approximately CZK 10 million into the reconstruction. Another CZK 10 million will go into the replacement of the sports field surfaces at Písnická Primary School and will also be finished in September this year.

About CZK 19.1 million will be invested in the revitalisation of the Pohádka kindergarten in Imrychova Street, where the school will be insulated and windows and doors will be replaced. Part of the costs will be covered by the city. The town hall will also start preparing a project for the extension of the T.G. Masaryk Primary School, as Svobodová said the designer is now being competed. The cost of the project documentation is approximately CZK 5 million and the municipality could obtain the building permit in spring next year.

The town hall is also planning to build a new primary school in Komořany. The school will have 27 classes for a total of 840 children. According to Svobodová, the project documentation for the construction is currently being prepared at a cost of approximately CZK 30 million. The school could receive a building permit next spring. The estimated cost of building the school is about CZK 1 billion, the district will apply for a subsidy from the municipality and depending on the funding, the town hall will start building the school in 2025 or 2026.