Prague 20 will file a lawsuit against the issued zoning decision for a ring road section

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-07-26   02:16

Prague 20 will file a lawsuit against the zoning decision issued for the section of the Prague Ring Road between Běchovice and the D1 highway. The filing of the lawsuit was approved at an extraordinary meeting by the representatives of the town district, Barbora Lukšová Frantová, secretary of the Hornopočernice office, told ČTK today. The zoning decision for the construction of the 12.6-kilometer-long section number 511 was issued the year before last July by the Prague 22 building authority, and the decision was legally confirmed by the South Bohemian Regional Office in June of this year. The circuit's investor is the state Directorate of Roads and Motorways.

The draft resolution was prepared by opposition representatives Jana Hájková (ANO 2011), Alena Štrobová (Movement of citizens of Počernice with the support of the Pirates) and Petr Růžička (Chance for Počernice). The resolution was supported by 13 of the 21 representatives present." The aim of the lawsuit is to overturn the court's decision and reassess the construction of the Prague Ring Road," said Lukšová Frantová.

According to the initiators of the lawsuit, the construction of the section of the Prague Ring Road will negatively affect the traffic situation in Prague 20 and lead to environmental deterioration in the area of ​​Horní Počernice. They described the proposed compensatory measures, i.e. the construction of several anti-noise walls, which should prevent noise in Horní Počernice, as insufficient.

"We consider the filing of a lawsuit against the decision on the location of construction 511 to be one of the last options for effective defense against the negative impacts of planned transport constructions on our part of the city," said Hájková, representative and proposer of the resolution, on Facebook of the political group Místní pro Horní Počernice. She is the number one of the new group for the autumn municipal elections. Other representatives of Prague 20 expressed the same in the press release, including Jiří Beneda (Together for Počernice), Alžběta Cibochová (Movement of citizens of Počernice with the support of the Pirates) and Eva Alexová (Chance for Počernice).

Among other things, the filing of the lawsuit was criticized by the mayor of Prague 20 Petr Měšťan (ODS with the support of independent candidates Horní Počernice). "I do not agree with the council's resolution. Filing a lawsuit is an incomprehensible step for me, because the section leads outside the cadastral territory of Horní Počernice. Behind the act I see the opposition's effort to make itself visible before the elections," he said. According to him, the delay in the construction of the section of the Prague ring road between Běchovice and the D1 highway may have a negative impact on the part of ring road number 510 that runs through the territory of Horní Počernice. The town hall is striving to build maximum anti-noise measures there, added Měšťan.

Section number 511 of the outer ring around the metropolis will measure 12.6 kilometers. After completion, according to the current plans, the circuit should measure about 83 kilometers, about half of which is currently in operation. At the moment, apart from section 511, the entire northern part from Ruzyně via Suchdol, Březiněves to Černý Most is missing.