Prague 4 council fights over sale of 8 square meters

by   CIJ Linguistics
2020-11-20   08:24

The district council in Prague 4 has been enveloped by tensions surrounding the sale of a piece of land at the end of a promenade along Pujmanova street. The daily Denik writes that members of the opposition are warning that its sale will simply allow the construction of another commercial project to go ahead. Lidl purchased the 8 square meters of land ahead of reconstructing its store there. "The sale doesn't have anything to do with the reconstructions and Lidl can get along without the land," wrote the opposition party STAN. "The district, however, will lose control over decisions about what will be built on it. Inappropriate construction work would permanently damage the promenade, which is valued highly by experts." In approving the deal, however, Deputy mayor Michal Hroza argued that the public space in the area needs modernization. "We want to have a shop there that will make the public space more cultivated."