Prague 5 will announce two contracts for homes for the elderly

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-07-20   10:44

The City Hall of Prague 5 will announce two public contracts for the construction of homes for the elderly. City councils approved that the first tender with an estimated value of 122 million crowns will concern the construction of a house with a community center in Poštovka and the second for 58.9 million crowns of housing for the elderly in Hlubočepy. According to the approved resolutions, the city district does not have enough flats for pensioners with regard to demographic analyzes.

The home with a community center on Poštovka in Zahradníková Street in Košíře will replace the community center, which was abolished by the city district and faced criticism from some local residents. The building is to have 34 small flats with care services, field social services and, according to earlier statements of the town hall representatives, also spaces for community activities of all ages.

The second building is to be built in Hlubočepy on a plot at the junction of Na Srpečku and Hlubočepská streets, it is also to be housing with a care service. The city district is already reconstructing the historic Raudnitz House for the same purpose, which according to the town hall should open in September.

Similar projects are planned by other city districts with regard to the aging population. For example, the Prague 3 Council recently approved a plan to announce an architectural competition for a home for the elderly, which is to be built in Pod Lipami Street on the site of the existing one, which will be demolished. For similar projects, town halls are subsidized by the municipality from a fund that the city has created in the past to solve problems with the availability of housing.

The fifth city district has about 85,000 inhabitants and includes the cadastral areas of Hlubočepy, Košíře, Motol, Radlice, Smíchov and parts of Jinonice, Malá Strana and Břevnov. It is one of the Prague city districts with large housing construction, the largest project being the new Smíchov City district on the site of the former Smíchov freight station, where up to 3,300 people should find housing. The Sekyra Group started building it last year.

Source: CTK