Prague 9 has approved the exchange of municipal land with Finep Prosek

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-04-27   10:27

The Prague 9 City Council yesterday approved the exchange of municipal land with Finep Prosek. The ninth district of Prague should thus acquire land in Střížkov for urban land near Poděbradská and U Elektry streets in Vysočany. Among other things, the town hall is considering the construction of a home for the elderly on the land near the Prosek Polyclinic medical facility in Střížkov. He wants to preserve the greenery on other plots in Střížkov, said the mayor of Prague 9, Tomáš Portlík (ODS), at yesterday's council meeting. The intention to exchange land was approved by the representatives of Prague 9 at their meeting in September 2020.

According to the mayor of Prague 9, the development of a polyclinic, the sole shareholder of which is the city district, is planned on the land behind the Prosek Polyclinic, and the construction of a new sanitary facility for the elderly is being considered. In addition to the Prosek Polyclinic, the Prague City Hall also wants to build a new headquarters for the Prague Rescue Service (ZZS). The new headquarters of the emergency medical service, the construction of which should cost about 1.5 billion crowns, is to have a dispatching, administration and rescue training center.

After the exchange of land, Prague 9 wants to maintain a green area near the apartment buildings previously built by Finep in Střížkov. According to Portlík, Finep wanted to build the park on the land near the houses before the land exchange. It will be possible to expand the number of parking spaces or develop leisure activities for the inhabitants of Prague 9 on other plots of land in Prague 9, which Prague 9 will acquire in exchange, said City Hall spokeswoman Marie Kurková.

"We have been striving for a long time to ensure that places that people know as green, even if they are not managed in this way in the zoning plan, are preserved as green areas. In order to develop them, we try to get them into our ownership. owned by FINEP Prosek," said Portlík.

The city district of Prague 9 should pay 34 million crowns for Finep's exchanged land. Finep Prosek should build an access road on the newly acquired land in Vysočany, which, according to councilor Jana Nowaková Těmínová (TOP 09 / STAN), will serve the U Elektry school. The U Elektry primary and kindergarten is now being built in Prague 9 for about 480 million crowns. The town hall will then buy the land under the newly built road and the built road for 10,000 crowns without VAT, the councilor advised.

After the elections, they formed an ODS coalition and the TOP 09 and STAN clubs in the city district, and together they have 23 seats in the 33-member council. Pirates and YES ended up in opposition.

Prague 9, which has about 56,000 inhabitants, consists of the entire cadastral area of ​​Prosek and parts of the cadastral areas of Vysočany, Hrdlořez, Střížkov, Hloubětín, Libno and Malešice.

Source: CTK