Prague approves contract with Finep for Žižkov freight station

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-09-16   08:59

Prague will receive a total of CZK 167 million from Finep as a contribution to building infrastructure for a housing project on the site of the former Žižkov Freight Station (NNŽ). On Thursday, deputies approved the contract between Prague, Prague 3 and the company, along with the acquisition of a zoning plan amendment, which is necessary for the construction. Finep plans to build about 1,200 flats in the area, and other developers will also build there. In total, they are to contribute CZK 1.5 billion to the city, according to the municipality.

The agreement is based on the methodology approved by the previous municipal administration for determining the amount of developers' contributions to building public infrastructure. "It is clear that the methodology is working in practice - the agreement with Finep is the third successful example since we approved it in the last election period," said deputy mayor for territorial development Petr Hlaváček (STAN).

The contract has already been approved by the Prague 3 councillors. The developer's co-financing will amount to about CZK 167.4 million, of which CZK 72.5 million will go towards the construction of a new primary school. The rest of the value will consist of a kindergarten, which the company will build and transfer to the municipal district, and land for new roads, a planned green promenade or an apartment building.

According to an urban planning study approved last year, the new district on the NNŽ site is to have up to 15,000 inhabitants in the future, parks and several school facilities, including a primary school in the functionalist station building. According to earlier information, the city plans to organise an architectural competition for this, as well as for the design of a park to be built in the central part of the area and other public spaces. A tram line will be built on the northern edge of the area along Malešická Street and a new Jarovská Street will connect the district to the future section of the city ring road. Central Group is already building on the NNŹ site and plans to build a total of 4,600 flats in three projects. Penta is also planning to build there.

The functionalist station building itself is owned by České dráhy, which in the past formed a joint venture with the Sekyra Group development company Žižkov Station Development, which has the right of first refusal on the station building. The city is now considering whether to buy part of the building or to establish a joint venture with Sekyra Group aimed at revitalising the station and turning it into a cultural and social centre. Under an earlier agreement, the functionalist station could house the National Film Archive, cultural and social spaces or an elementary school. In addition, the Sekyra Group wants to build apartments and commercial space there.

Source: CTK
Photo: Penta Real Estate - North Žižkov Freight Station