Prague has launched an information website on vaccination against covid-19

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-01-26   12:59

Prague has prepared the website, where visitors can find information on vaccinations. The site is also meant to refute misleading and untrue information about vaccinations that is spreading on social networks. The city will launch an information campaign in February to promote vaccination against covid-19. The mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates) and councilor Milena Johnová (Prague Sobě) told the press today.

"We feel the need to provide people with all the necessary information about vaccination in a clear and one-stop-shop way. The government has fallen asleep not only in providing vaccines for the most at-risk groups, but also in spreading awareness about vaccination itself. said the mayor.

On the website, those interested will find a list and map of vaccination centers, the number of people vaccinated in Prague and a contact on the free information line of the Prague City Hall 800 160 166, which works especially as an aid for Prague seniors registering in the central system. There are also information videos on the website and a section explaining the most common questions about vaccinations. Professional guarantors also dispel the most common myths and misinformation associated with vaccination on the web.

The website was developed by employees of the city company ICT Operator. Prague paid 114,400 crowns without VAT for the creation of the website, the administration of the website will cost 23,000 crowns per month, the mayor said.

In February, the city will launch an information campaign to vaccinate. The visuals, prepared free of charge by DDB Prague, will refer to a return to normal life before the pandemic. For example, we will work with the motives of family, business and education. Prague plans to provide visuals to other regions through the Association of Regions of the Czech Republic, Hřib added. The posters will be on display, for example, on billboards in public transport shelters, which Prague has available free of charge.

Referring to a survey by MEDIAN, Hřib said that about 65 percent of Praguers are now interested in getting vaccinated. However, according to research, about 40 percent of Praguers do not have enough practical information about vaccination. A total of 48,734 people are vaccinated in Prague. However, the municipality does not have information from the state on how many of them have a permanent residence in Prague.

Tests showed 721 new cases of covid-19 in Prague on Monday. There are currently 9,402 people infected in the capital, according to data on the website of the Ministry of Health. More than 104,000 people have confirmed themselves in the covid metropolis since the epidemic began in March. Nearly 94,000 of them have been cured and 1,381 people have died with the covid.

Source: CTK