Prague municipality will have a study of housing construction in the Černý Most housing estate

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-06-20   17:05

The Prague City Hall will have a study of possible housing construction prepared on the southern edge of the Černý Most housing estate on the border between Prague 14 and Dolní Počernice. The so-called an initial volume verification study should be conducted in the last quarter of this year. Subsequently, the city will announce a competition for a designer, which should be selected in April next year. This follows from a document approved today by Prague councilors. It is not clear when construction will begin, as well as how many houses or flats should be built here. The project is being prepared by a Prague development company owned by the capital, which will cooperate with the City Hall of Prague 14.

The Černý Most - střed project is the last stage of the Černý Most housing estate in the southern part of the site, and is completing construction in this area, it was announced.

The land measuring 330 times 100 meters is located near the park U Čeňku. A zoning decision was issued on the plot in 2003, which is still valid. A building permit was also issued in 2005. However, according to the document, the development of the development from that time is outdated and does not meet the current urban, architectural or technical requirements. Therefore, a new project will be created.

The designer should be selected in April 2023 according to the schedule proposed in the document, and the project is to be submitted for discussion in September next year, when it will be discussed with the relevant state administration bodies. The building authority will then receive it for assessment in March 2024.

Prague has long struggled with a shortage of flats and their high prices. One of the solutions promoted by the current city management is cooperative housing. Last week, Prague representatives approved the first such project, in which two blocks of houses with up to 266 flats will be built near Radlická Street in Prague 5. Now the city will look for a partner with whom to set up a housing association and build a house.

Source: CTK