Prague's Strahov Tunnel to be completely repaired for CZK 6 billion

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-09-12   08:48

Prague's Strahov Tunnel will be completely reconstructed in the future. However, repairs to the technology or the roadway will begin after the completion of the Barrandov Bridge repair, which began two years ago and will continue for the next two years. The total cost of the reconstruction will be six billion crowns. Deputy Mayor Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates) told journalists today. The exact form of the traffic restrictions and the progress of the work are yet to be determined. The Strahov tunnel is part of the city ring road and was opened in December 1997.

"We are now 26 years since the start of operation and it simply requires some investment. Its condition is absolutely crucial for the functioning of car traffic in the city. The repair of the tunnel will not conflict with the repair of the Barrandov Bridge, when that is finished, only then will we start doing something in the tunnel," Hřib said.

The repairs will be carried out in four stages and will take about ten years. During the reconstruction, the road engineers will modernise all the technologies in the tunnel, drainage shafts, completely replace the pavement and improve safety features. It will also be repaired as it also acts as a shelter for residents in the event of an emergency. "The tunnel is part of the city's safety system," Hryb said.

The exact plan for the progress of the work and the determination of traffic measures, including detours, will be worked out by road engineers in the coming years.

The Strahov tunnel is part of the inner ring road, with the Blanka tunnel to the north and the Mrázovka tunnel to the south. The city began to consider building the Strahov Tunnel in the early 1970s. An exploratory tunnel was started in 1979 and construction began in 1985. After extensive demolitions in the vicinity of Švédská Street, Metrostav began to mine the tunnel from the south and also from the centre towards the north. The tunnel was completely broken through in 1991. It was opened on 2 December 1997.

Source: CTK