Prague will file a criminal complaint regarding the sale of land in Lysolajích in 2017

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-09-09   07:15

Prague municipality will file a criminal complaint regarding the sale of land by the Prague will file a criminal complaint regarding the sale of land in Lysolajích town hall in 2017. This was approved by the representatives tonight. The municipality had two assessments drawn up, according to which the value of the land at the time of sale was CZK 131 and CZK 140 million, respectively, while the sale price was only CZK 100 million. The police are already solving the case on the basis of at least one criminal report. The sale was pushed through by former deputy mayor and mayor of Lysolajích, Petr Hlubuček (STAN), who is accused of alleged corruption in a transport company.

Today, the representatives entrusted the director of the municipality with the preparation and filing of the criminal complaint with a deadline of October 8. City councilor Jan Chabr (TOP 09) said that the city had new assessments prepared by the University of Economics (VŠE) and the Expert Office Dušek, both of which set the usual price in the place and time higher than what the plots in Lysolajy were sold for. The VŠE opinion set the price at roughly CZK 131 million, the second opinion at CZK 140 million. "The question arises as to how the office that processed the original assessment came to a different result," said the councilor.

Representatives of Spolu (ODS, TOP 09 and KDU-ČSL) recently told journalists that the suspicious sale of land in Lysolajích dates back to 2012, when Hlubuček, as mayor, initiated the transfer of 55,000 square meters of municipal land to the administration of the town hall. This happened two years later, but under strict conditions where, among other things, it was not allowed to be sold. The original conditions were then changed.

At the end of 2021, the Prague Pirates filed a criminal complaint against an unknown perpetrator due to the land in Lysolajích. They had an appraisal done, according to which the value was CZK 6,717 per square meter, but it was sold for CZK 2,499 per square meter. In June of this year, Prague representatives decided that the municipality would review the sale.

Police officers from the National Headquarters against Organized Crime have charged more than a dozen people with the management of the Prague transport company, in addition to Hlubuček, also businessman Michal Redl, former member of the board of directors of the DPP Matej Augustín and other members of the management of the company, which as the largest city company in the Czech Republic operates public transport.

Source: CTK