Prague will launch an architectural competition for the reconstruction and expansion of Ďolíček

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-08-02   02:43

The Prague Development Company (PDS), a contribution organization of the capital city, will announce an architectural competition for the reconstruction of the Ďolíček football stadium in Vršovice. Councilors decided on it yesterday. An extension with commercial premises should be part of the reconstruction. At the same time, the city is planning an apartment building on the parking lot west of the stadium, and a sports hall across Vršovicka street. The stadium, where the first league club Bohemians 1905 plays, was bought by the city from a private owner in 2018.

In the past, the municipality had an economic study prepared for the reconstruction of the stadium. On its basis, the preliminary plan is now to build an office extension in the southern part of the stadium, which, in addition to the grandstand, will also have several thousand square meters of office space. Their lease should help to pay for the stadium repair more quickly.

During the reconstruction, the stadium should be expanded so that its capacity meets the standards for first league matches and matches in European competitions. Now they are not fulfilling them and Bohemians have a long-term exemption. The study estimated the cost of the reconstruction, which, according to the approved document, should begin after 2025 at 225 to 770 million crowns without VAT, depending on the scope of the work.

Based on yesterday's decision, PDS will prepare and announce the competition. He will prepare the project documentation with the winner, or hand over further preparation to the municipality. The competition itself is expected to cost about 9.4 million crowns including VAT.

PDS has already launched an architectural competition for an apartment building, which is to be built next to the stadium and offer up to 140 city rental apartments. The city is also planning an indoor sports hall opposite the stadium at the Přípotoční Gymnasium. According to the plan, the gymnasium, sports clubs and the public will use it, and it should include, in addition to sports areas, commercial spaces for rent and a garage for 300 cars. Parking should also be available to local residents.

The city began negotiating the purchase of Ďolíček with a private owner in 2011. Initially, the Prague 10 district wanted to buy the stadium, but the previous administration of Prague did not agree to this. In the last election period, an agreement was finally born that the city would buy the stadium. For the club Bohemians 1905, the uncertainty about the stadium caused problems for years.

Source: CTK