Premiere of Kärcher's first fully autonomous scrubber

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-03-30   08:28
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Kärcher is launching its first autonomous floor scrubber, the KIRA B 50, thus launching a new product series called "KIRA" (Kärcher Intelligent Robotic Applications). KIRA B 50 is a futuristic novelty in the portfolio of the renowned manufacturer and leader in providing solutions, related to cleaning. What makes the KIRA B 50 special? Who is it aimed at? And why is it a device that will bring professional cleaning to a higher level?

The appearance of this new category of equipment in Kärcher's portfolio reflects a comprehensive and autonomous technology-based approach to the company's further development. The KIRA B 50 is an advanced autonomous cleaning robot for professional use, whose futuristic technology will prove its worth in a variety of surfaces and industries, including supermarkets, shopping malls and airports. KIRA B 50 not only accurately responds to the needs of customers, but also revolutionizes professional cleaning on larger and smaller surfaces

"Pathfinder", or KIRA always finds the way!
KIRA B 50 uses the "FCPP" (Floor Coverage Path Planning) program to calculate the most efficient route by itself. It easily copes with open spaces, as well as those containing narrow passages or hard-to-reach alleys. By making the longest possible forward movements, the robot achieves maximum surface efficiency while saving water and chemicals. The machine's individual passes overlap minimally, making cleaning performance comparable to, or even more optimal than, manually operated machines. Among the robot's features is the ability to define so-called: "hygiene zones," or areas to be cleaned more intensively. Thanks to the pre-sweeping function, the KIRA B 50 also reliably handles larger dirt particles. An important advantage of the scrubber is the ability to clean precisely also at the edges - the machine is able to approach them at a distance of up to 10 cm, so there is no need for manual cleaning.

Full autonomy, or a docking station like never before:
Once the machine is started by the operator, it is able to operate autonomously throughout the shift without any human intervention. This is made possible by an innovative docking station, to which the KIRA B 50 drives autonomously to empty the dirty water tank and clean it, and then to draw fresh water and recharge the batteries. A key advantage is the ability to calculate the remaining cleaning time and charge the batteries only for the time needed to complete the job. The lithium-ion batteries installed in this device do not have the so-called memory effect - so partial charging does not have a negative impact on their capacity and service life.
Pure economy, or cost efficiency

The KIRA B 50 autonomous scrubber stands out for its innovative approach to economical cleaning. It allows significant cost reductions already when used on areas smaller than 1,000 m². The unmanned nature of the robot avoids labor costs. The KIRA B 50 can also be used as a traditional walk-behind scrubber, reducing the number of machines used. In addition, the use of modern technology allows for maximum sustainable use of energy, water and chemicals, resulting in high savings.

Safety is a priority:
The precision sensor technology used in the construction of the KIRA B 50 ensures the highest possible degree of safety for people, objects and the machine itself. A multisensor system captures the machine's operating area and creates a kind of "virtual bumper" that recognizes people and obstacles (including glass obstacles) and avoids them or stops in front of them. This allows the device to be used safely among people.

Fleet management, or Fleet system:
As standard, the KIRA B 50 is connected to Kärcher Fleet, a system for organizing and management of cleaning machines. Thanks to GPS and mobile communication, cleaning companies know where their machines are located, what services have been performed and when, as well as their current status.

The autonomous scrubber is available in two versions of water tank capacity: 50 liters or 80 liters. The unit is manufactured at Kärcher's headquarters in Winnenden.