Přerov's management refused to buy the Jana Hotel to convert it into a home for the elderly

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-11-30   09:50

The Přerov administration has rejected an offer by the owners of the Jana Hotel to convert the facility into a home for the elderly. The city has been counting on expanding the capacity of residential beds for the elderly for a long time, and the hotel, which is now up for sale, was previously one of the alternatives. However, according to the councillors, this conversion would be economically and operationally more expensive than the planned completion of Pavilion G in Kabelíkova Street, where seventy beds are planned. This is based on a proposal by the city council, and the councillors will discuss this draft resolution on Monday. The city has been preparing the expansion of these social services since 2018.

The city administration received an offer to buy the hotel, which has 202 beds in 93 rooms, in October. According to the owners, the hotel could offer a capacity of up to 186 beds after redevelopment. The hotel has been for sale since October, but its price has not been disclosed. "The city of Přerov is facing an acute shortage of beds in a residential social services facility for the elderly. As of 2019, it has developed project documentation for the completion of pavilion G of the existing home for the elderly with a capacity of 72 beds + four beds of relief services. However, such an increase in capacity is insufficient, and the price per bed in such a new building can reach up to CZK 4 million. The purchase and reconstruction of Hotel Jana could reduce the price per bed by up to 40 percent," Daniel Čada from Jana annouced earlier.

However, the councillors did not approve the proposal, and representatives of other departments also supported the completion of Pavilion G, which is part of the social services development plan, the city's strategic development plan and the Action Plan for the period 2023-2025. According to the project documentation from 2019, the expansion of the home for the elderly in the form of the completion of pavilion G with 72 beds and four beds for respite services would cost CZK 208 million, due to the increase in the price of construction work, the price would now rise by about 30 percent, the resolution for councillors reads. The planning permission for the completion of the pavilion has already been finalised.

According to representatives of the Department of Social Services, the completion of the pavilion, even in the current situation, is more profitable than buying the hotel. They pointed to the current state of the building, the purchase price and the necessary redevelopment, as well as the operating costs of the workplace, which is in close proximity to the current home. "The detached workplace, compared to the extension of the existing facility, represents an increase in the number of employees, at least in the areas of health care, food preparation and delivery and activation activities. The increase in the number of employees by ten means an increase in wage costs alone of approximately CZK 6.5 million per year," said representatives of the Social Services of Přerov. Councillors will have the last word on Monday.

Source: CTK