Prosecutor proposes to take three accused of manipulating Pardubice contracts into custody

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-11-23   11:32

A state prosecutor has filed motions for the detention of three people accused of manipulating public contracts of the city of Pardubice and municipal companies. One of them is former mayor Martin Charvát of ANO, his lawyer Pavel Jelinek said. Police released the other 16 accused, but the prosecutor, Adela Rosůlek, said the reasons for their detention had passed, announced the District State Prosecutor's Office in Pardubice today.

The police charged 19 people and two companies suspected of manipulating public contracts announced by the Pardubice municipality and companies whose founder is the town. They are suspected of breach of duty in the management of other people's property, arranging an advantage in the awarding of public contracts, accepting bribes, bribery and abuse of authority of an official. The contracts were awarded both by the City of Pardubice and by the municipal companies Development Fund Pardubice and Services of the City of Pardubice.

According to attorney Jelínek, the motion for remand in custody concerns Charvát and the director of the Regional Chamber of Commerce, Jozef Koprivňanský, both of whom he is representing in the case. The third is apparently Helena Dvořáčková, a former deputy mayor and member of the supervisory board of the Pardubice Development Fund, now a deputy for the SPD, formerly for ANO.

Police also detained the current head of the Pardubice Development Fund and councillor of the first city district, Michal Drenek (ANO), the director of the Regional Chamber of Commerce, Jozef Koprivňanský, the deputy chairman of the board of directors of the Pardubice City Services, Aleš Kopecký, and the chairman of the fund's board of directors, Pavel Nevečeřal. Charvát and Drenek were expelled by the ANO board on Wednesday.

Among those accused are also Jaroslav Hruška, the former head of the property and investment department of the municipality, his successor in office Petr Škoda, who no longer works in the office, and Petr Hušek, a clerk in the property and investment department of the Pardubice municipality. The accusations were also heard by people from construction and installation companies, namely Milan Frydrych from the SBF company and his son Tomáš, Pavel Navara, managing director of the construction company Navara Pardubice, Dominik Hanousek and Jiří Hanousek from the Pardubice company Instal Hanousek, Jiří Bolehorský, a tradesman in the field of revision, installation and service of electrical equipment, Miroslav Pulicar, managing director and partner of ELREG Pardubice, Lukáš Vajer, managing director and partner of Gamet elektro Dašice, Jan Matěj, managing director and owner of Maximum CZ from Spojil and Luboš Zámiš, managing director and partner of ELLUX Pardubice.

Among the legal entities charged were the companies SBF Pardubice and KTS Integra Pardubice, both of which are owned by the Frydrychs. The police estimated the total damage at tens of millions of crowns.

In connection with the indictment of Charvát and Dvořáčková, the media mentioned contracts for the reconstruction of the summer stadium and the construction of a parking house in its neighbourhood. Both contracts were awarded to Porr, but Jelínek said the company is not among the accused legal entities, at least not yet.

Source: CTK