PSN bought a plot of land on the site of the former Transgas building for CZK 870 million

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-04-20   09:21

The development company PSN bought a plot of land on the site of the former Transgas building from the 1970s in Vinohradská Street in Prague for CZK 870 million from HB Reavis. PSN will develop the project with housing, offices, trade and services.

"This is now unused space with huge potential, land in such a lucrative location in the center of Prague practically no longer exists. By purchasing it, we want to contribute to the cultivation and further revitalization of the immediate vicinity of Wenceslas Square.

The Transgas building used to stand on the plot, an example of the so-called brutalist architecture of the 1970s. After several reconstructions, it was demolished in the past two years.

"Our intention is to build a new building here, which will respect the exceptional location in the center of Prague, and will have its own strong story. The building will create both new apartments and office space, we also want to offer everyone new shops and services," he added. According to him, the architectural form of the project, its detailed use and the timing of construction will be specified by the company in the coming months.

The set of buildings of the former Transgas Central Dispatch Center and the Ministry of Fuels and Energy stood near Wenceslas Square under the Czech Radio building. It was the work of Jindřich Malátek, Ivo Loos, Zdeněk Eisenreich and Václav Aulický. The intention to demolish a set of objects provoked debates about architecture from the time of socialism, which has its supporters and critics. Proponents of the building evaluated it as an example of stylistic synthetic architecture of the 1970s, combining elements of brutalism, technicalism and postmodernism, but also a unique realization of postmodern urbanism in the Czech lands.

PSN has been operating on the Czech market since 1991, originally as the Prague Real Estate Administration. Own real estate in Prague, Pardubice and Hradec Králové. The most famous include, for example, the Dancing House, the Fashion House on Wenceslas Square or the Dlážděná Palace.

Source: CTK