PSP amendment gives the Prague market a freer hand for parking spaces

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-10-27   10:44

Limiting requirements for the creation of parking spaces in new Prague buildings is a step in the right direction. The forthcoming amendment to the Prague Building Regulations, discussed by Prague city councillors, gives the market a freer hand. However, there are a number of regulations and ordinances that should reduce unnecessary requirements leading to complications and more expensive construction.

Any changes to the standards must be approached comprehensively and all their implications evaluated, because the side effect of changes and tightening is inevitably complications in the creation of project documentation for construction and, consequently, more expensive construction.

A recent example is the proposed changes to the legal standards that address safety requirements for charging electric vehicles and parking alternative fuel vehicles in underground parking garages. In fact, instead of a broader expert discussion and a concerted search for workable solutions that take into account multiple factors or tighten standards for these vehicles, legislators have proposed significant interventions in the design and equipment of garages.

In fact, they are changing the way we look at fire compartments in garages and mandating that not only electric vehicles, but also alternative-fuel vehicles be allowed to enter and charge. Therefore, they make it compulsory to install several expensive technologies, which means more built-up space and other design changes.

These are not even realistically achievable in the case of existing buildings, which would mean that existing EV charging stations would have to be disconnected. New buildings could be implemented, but for example, in the case of new residential developments with parking spaces for 40 cars or more, the construction of one parking space will cost approximately CZK 450,000. This will subsequently be reflected in the price of flats.

Until a technical solution is found for safe charging of electric cars or an effective and cheaper fire-fighting technology, it would be reasonable to keep the obligation to install a preparation for charging electric cars in the PSP, but to temporarily prohibit charging and entry of vehicles with other alternative propulsion.