Rakovník wants to buy long-term unused land in the Na Váze locality

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-11-23   11:57

Rakovník wants to buy a long-term unused plot of land in the Na Váze locality in the city centre. For example, a park or a similar quiet zone could be built there. Rakovník mayor Luděk Štíbr (ODS) said that the purchase will be decided at a meeting in December.

The town management recently agreed with the owners of the land on a price of CZK 7.7 million for 1,835 square metres, which is over CZK 4,000 per square metre. The site in the historic centre of Rakovník is now unmaintained. However, the town hall will decide on its new form if it becomes its owner. It would probably then have a study and other preparations made. "There is no concrete idea yet," the mayor said.

Rakovník's management would like to improve the space to serve the public, he said.

Kladno, for example, bought the private property last year and will pay CZK 29 million in two instalments for the dilapidated hotel site, with the second instalment due next year. Now the demolition of the building has been completed and a public space is to be built in its place. The exact location has not yet been decided, but ideas include a home for the elderly, which would also be open for other activities and serve other residents of the town. In addition to the built-up area of 1,236 square metres, the site consists of over 13,000 square metres of additional land.

Source: CTK