limited orders as online orders surge

by   CIJ Linguistics
2020-10-16   09:51

The online grocery store had to limit orders after a new surge of panic buying flooded its servers and exceeded the system's capacity. Its director Petr Pavlik said that for the time being, customers would be limited to adding no more than 35 items to a single order and that they'd only be allowed to order once per day. "We understand that these steps are limiting," he said. "But we can't turn our back on people who have an acute need for our services. Whether it's because the government's restrictions complicated their family or working life or because they suddenly found themselves in quarantine and are reliant on help from outside," he said. As the growth of the number of active cases of Covid-19 has accelerated, fear of another total lockdown has spread. This has caused Czechs to begin stocking up on basic food items again. Real stores in towns across the country are reporting surges in shopping, but nothing like the panic buying that emptied shelves six months ago.