sales up 80 percent since 2019

by   CIJ Linguistics
2020-11-18   07:52

If the online food retailer was caught by surprise by the first wave of the pandemic, its founder Tomas Cupr says the company is ready for the Christmas holidays. Seznam Zpravy writes that the company is currently handling 20,000 orders per day. That's half the number of orders it was fulfilling a year ago, but nearly the amount it usually needs in the three days before Christmas. Cupr said his goal this year is to exceed revenues of CZK 8 billion and that it's looking good. "It will be close," he says. "It will either be just below or just above." The pandemic has effectively ended the ten-year economic boom, but business for is up 80 percent. Cupr insists it was always going to happen. "We grew nearly 70 percent even in the years before. The pandemic sped this up a little but nothing major." He says that the company's new distribution center in Horni Pocernice made the growth possible. "We were being slowed down more by our capacity than by demand. The company is now able to serve 2 million customers having just added Jihlava to the list of cities it covers, writes Seznam Zpravy.