ŘSD bought 95 percent of the land for the western bypass of Olomouc

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-12-12   08:49

The Road and Motorway Directorate has bought 95 percent of the land for the long-planned last part of the Olomouc bypass between Slavonín and Křelov. Next year, ŘSD will organise a public tender for a contractor and the motorway construction will start in 2024 at the latest, Martin Smolka, director of the Olomouc administration of ŘSD, told the Olomouc councillors today. The construction of the three-kilometre section of the bypass is to cost about CZK 1 billion. After its commissioning, which is scheduled for 2026, long traffic jams should stop forming in front of the roundabout near the Globus hypermarket on the western edge of the city.

"Currently, we have bought 95 percent of the land for the construction of the western bypass, i.e. the remaining section of the D35 between Slavonín and Křelov. Next year we will tender (the construction contractor) and we will start this next motorway construction in 2024 at the latest," Smolka said. In the course of the property-law preparation, approximately 450 contracts will have to be processed, which include not only land purchases but also the imposition of easements or lease agreements. In the coming weeks, ŘSD plans to apply for a building permit and will start preparing detailed technical documentation for the construction contract.

The preparation of the construction of the last part of the Olomouc bypass between Slavonín and Křelov has long been complicated by disputes over the route in the Křelov cadastre. Due to a change in the law, it was necessary to repeat the complicated EIA process in 2018. The last section of the Olomouc bypass is part of the D35 motorway. The so-called western tangent will connect the current end of the D35 in the direction from Mohelnice with the first stage of the bypass. The construction of the nearly 15-kilometre-long southern part of the Olomouc bypass was completed in 2003 and cost CZK 4.9 billion.

Source: ŘSD and CTK