SFG holding group is converting the former ROH convalescent home into apartments

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-07-15   10:20
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The demand for recreational housing is growing at an unprecedented rate and cottages, chalets and mountain apartments are a scarce commodity. One of the latest contributions expanding the possibilities of obtaining one's own living in the countryside will be the reconstructed ROH complex in Benešov Hora in Šumava. At the end of 2022, it will offer a total of 45 apartments in sizes 1 + kk to 3 + kk. The complex was bought and renovated by SFG holding.

"It has been clear for a long time that the prices of recreational real estate are flying sharply, the demand is unusually huge. The cottages, cottages or apartments that are available are constantly decreasing and the prices of their owners will be able to continue to screw to obscene heights. And in the desired locations such as Šumava, Krkonoše or Pálava, for example, ordinary people will be completely without a chance,' describes one of the owners of the SFG holding, Michal Dědek.

The company therefore decided to buy an older recreational area of ​​the former ROH and transform it into a modern quality apartment house. The Mountain Stream project in Benešov Hora in Šumava lies between the villages of Vacov and Stachy in the valley of a mountain stream in the heart of the Šumava forests. The area consists of three main buildings with complete facilities, such as a wellness, bike or ski room. The surroundings are a park with diverse greenery, there will be a relaxation zone with a biotope pool, facilities for sports or several cottages for recreational accommodation.

“We will completely but sensitively reconstruct the former ROH convalescent home also with regard to the uniqueness of this location. The original floor plans will not change in any way, the interiors will be complemented by elements of wood and stone, which fits perfectly into the concept of the entire project. Modern technologies will also be used and, of course, there will be several charging stations for electric cars," adds Tereza Kouklová, co-owner of the SFG holding.

The new residence will offer a total of 45 apartment units with layouts from 1 + kk to 3 + kk in a modern to luxurious design and with a very high standard of interior elements. The building will get a completely new facade and roof and the whole area will use the latest technologies for green heating and other environmentally friendly solutions. The first apartments will be on sale in the autumn of 2021, the complex will be ready to move in at the end of 2022.

The development division of SFG holding (formerly Success Group), managed by Tereza Kouklová, has been building residential projects in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region since 2010. He has extensive experience with the reconstruction and construction of dozens of residential buildings. He bases himself on the fact that he treats real estate respectfully and respects their history, while at the same time inserting modern trends and timeless design elements into them.

SFG holding was established in 2019 by merging two separate companies, Success Group and Finin Group, backed by their founders Tereza Kouklová and Michal Dědek. The holding provides professional advice and financing to individuals and companies, real estate services, project management and investments in financial markets, development, real estate and startups. Other implemented projects of the SFG holding include, for example, the rehabilitation of the Gotthard Yard apartment building in Prague's Bubeneč, the reconstruction of the Nemesis apartment building in Kralupy nad Vltavou or the Plzeňská start-up apartment project in Smíchov, Prague.