Shape Corp.'s new manufacturing facility receives highest level of sustainability certification

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2024-02-07   10:25
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Shape Corp.'s building at Panattoni Park Pilsen West II has been awarded the highest sustainability rating of Outstanding in the rigorous international BREEAM New Construction certification. The hall is located in Nýřany on the site of a former brownfield site and is characterized by its modern technologies and exceptional facilities for employees. The developer of the project is Panattoni, the investor is AEW Group.

Shape Corp. focuses on the advanced development and production of systems with a focus on weight reduction in automobiles, such as crumple zones or structural body components. The state-of-the-art facility it uses at Panattoni Park Pilsen West II meets the most stringent sustainability requirements and received a score of 88.1 in the international BREEAM New Construction environmental certification, the highest possible rating of Outstanding. Photovoltaic panels have been installed in the new state-of-the-art zone, and when completed, the plant will have a capacity of 2 MWp, which meets the tenant's requirements. There are also charging stations for electric vehicles or an insect hotel. The hall also has an advanced TCL air filtration system to ensure indoor air quality and rainwater is used for flushing.

"Sustainability is a very important value for our company. We wanted our new plant in Nýřany to be world-leading in this respect. The highest level of BREEAM New Construction certification confirms that we have succeeded. This puts Shape Corp. on track to achieve its goal of carbon neutrality by 2025," says Stephanie Ducroux-Bernache, Managing Director of Shape Europe.

The building offers exceptional facilities for employees. It has an indoor gym, a canteen and an outdoor open space with seating and relaxation areas. Employees can also make use of a car-sharing system. For users of the building who commute to work on bicycles, there are complete facilities - for example, outdoor racks for 40 bicycles in a shelter equipped with artificial lighting.

"From my point of view, sustainability can no longer be called a trend of our time. It is simply a reality that we at Panattoni have been working with for over a decade and we are proud to be able to build such great projects as in the case of Panattoni Park Pilsen West II. Moreover, Shape Corp.'s hall perfectly fulfils the whole ESG acronym. In addition to being environmentally friendly, it offers great facilities for employees, and the cooperation with the local government has been absolutely exemplary," says Klára Sobotková, Regional Development Director, Panattoni.

Panattoni Park Pilsen West II is located in Nýřany on the site of a former brownfield site that has been used as a mine, coal-fired power plant, concrete plant and food processing plant over the past 200 years. It offers excellent transport links to Germany and the Czech Republic via the nearby D5 motorway and the German A6/A93/A9 motorway network to Nuremberg, Regensburg and Munich.

In total, Panattoni has 37 BREEAM New Construction certified buildings in its Czech portfolio. Panattoni Park Cheb South, Panattoni Park Stříbro, Panattoni Park Kojetín and Panattoni Park Pilsen West II. AUTODOC's hall in Panattoni Park Cheb South even recently received a record score of 94.2 percent according to BREEAM 2016 New Construction, making it the most sustainable industrial building in the world.