Six Dots Entertainment Group’s New Headquarters Is a Revitalized Industrial Building in Nusle

by   Svoboda & Williams
2019-10-11   11:27
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The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency mediated the lease of 480 sq. m. of office space in a fully revitalized, creatively redesigned building in the Prague district of Nusle that served in the 20th century as a meat curing facility for Augustin Šebek’s famous sausages. The Six Dots Entertainment Group ticket sales company moved their headquarters into the interesting courtyard building in September.

The Czech company Six Dots Entertainment Group is a leader in the ticket sales business—the Ticketstream, Ticketon, Bohemia Ticket, and companies and websites fall under it. When founder of Six Dots Entertainment Group Viktor Mastník was looking for new company headquarters, he searched for offices that would go beyond the usual offering of such spaces, and the newly revitalized former meat curing facility in Nusle—a rapidly transforming neighborhood—turned out to be an ideal fit. “For me, an inspiring workspace is one of the most important things in business. When I went to see the meticulously renovated space, I learned about the building’s history and met the architect, Patrik Hoffman. I decided on the spot to take it,“ said the new lessee of the building. “Mr. Mastník was intrigued by the building not only due to its convenient location in Prague 4 (his preferred business district), but also for its atmosphere and truly original design. Our cooperation was easy and smooth from the very beginning,” added Karin Konrádová from Svoboda & Williams.

When renowned architect Patrik Hoffman was redesigning the building, he maintained its industrial genius loci, while giving it a contemporary look. The space combines cement, glass, metal, blue-painted paving stones, and the unique play of light and shadow, which is helped by new windows and skylights. The main feature that recalls the building’s past as a factory is the twenty-meter chimney. Hoffman transformed this space into an original smoking room. Thanks to his painstaking efforts, the four-story building preserved its authenticity and traces of its past. Its distinctive appearance recalls the time when this former cured meat facility was an important spot in Nusle.