Skoda Auto to offer bonuses to employees who take Covid-19 vaccination

by   CIJ Linguistics
2020-12-23   09:11

Skoda Auto is preparing to set up vaccination centers in its Czech factories where it will arrange for its employees to receive immunization shots once they become available. A survey carried out by the company found that more than half of its workers were planning to take the vaccine. But in order to encourage them to do so Skoda is reportedly prepared to give them a bonus, the thinking being that it will be cheaper than risking the disruption that a new outbreak would bring. "At this point, the main question for us is when it will be possible to receive the vaccine from the state or whether we will be allowed to procure it directly," said Skoda Auto's spokesman Tomas Kotera. He added that for the moment, it's impossible to buy the vaccine from anyone besides the Ministry of Health. Skoda will set up 15 permanent vaccination centers along with three mobile ones that can move to where they are needed most. It estimates that it will be able to immunize up to 1,200 people daily.