Skoda fifth in European sales rankings

by   CIJ Linguistics
2020-10-20   09:41

European automobile sales rose 3 percent in September, the first year-on-year rise in 2020. But EY partner and automobile sector specialist Petr Knap says the result is nothing to get excited about because sales in September 2019 were unusually weak. "Based on the current market developments, I expect overall sales in the European Union to be 25 to 30 percent lower than last year," said Knap. He told Hospodarske noviny that just over 7 million automobiles were sold in the first nine months of the years, which was nearly a third fewer than in 2019. But while many auto manufacturers like Renault are planning to carry out mass layoffs, Skoda Auto has no such plans, at least for now. Its sales have fallen by 20 percent, which is considerably better than other companies "Skoda has proven its toughness," said Knap. "It's one of the brands that's recorded the small fall in sales and it's improved its market share in Europe considerably." He said Skoda is now fifth in overall sales in the EU.