SPEEDWELL signs STRABAG as General Contractor for the first residential building of PALTIM

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2022-08-02   14:59

Construction works for the first residential building of PALTIM, SPEEDWELL’s mixed-use project in Timisoara, are ready to fully set off after signing contract with STRABAG. STRABAG has taken the role of General Contractor for SPEEDWELL’s project. The apartments in the first residential building of PALTIM are estimated to be delivered to their owners in Q1 2024. The first phase includes a residential building with a 2S+P+6+7R height regime and 123 premium units.

PALTIM introduces a high-end concept aiming to reinvent modern urban living, right on the shore of the Bega River. As a mixed-use ensemble, it will combine residential, office and retail components. On the residential side, the total number of apartments will be 236, built in two phases.

Sales for this project have been launched in October 2021. Since then, more than half of the available stock of apartments has been sold.

„We are eager to start the collaboration with STRABAG and see the PALTIM concept we have envisioned transform into reality. Having the right partners in the journey towards our goals has always made the difference. We trust this will happen in this case too. We have heard nothing but good things about our newest collaborators and their work showcases it. So, we are excited to have them on board for this project and looking forward to a great partnership and building PALTIM at superior standards.” states Jan Demeyere, Architect and Co-Founder at SPEEDWELL.