Standard Chartered Bank opened a branch in Warsaw

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2023-11-08   10:52

Standard Chartered Bank AG (SCB AG) has opened a company in Warsaw, which is a key element of a broader program to develop the bank's operations in Europe, SCB said. The branch in Poland is to mainly support financial operations, such as: regulatory reporting, financial reporting, third-party risk management, procurement, risk and control on financial markets, product control and valuation, as well as a number of other supporting functions.

Anna Urbańska was appointed as the director of the Polish company SCB AG, who will be responsible for the company, maintaining its current role as the Managing Director of Standard Chartered Global Business Services. Supporting the SCB AG teams, which run regulated banking services at the Frankfurt headquarters and in the offices in Paris and Stockholm, the company’s employees in Warsaw will provide high-quality middle- and back-office services.

“I am delighted to open a new company in Warsaw and I am proud to see the continuous development of our strategic centre in the European Union. A wide range of specialist competences among experts and experts in Poland will support our processes in Europe, thanks to which we will gain even more global opportunities. I am impressed by the knowledge that our colleagues and our colleagues in Poland bring to the Bank and I look forward to working together,” said Nicolo Salsano, CEO of Standard Chartered Bank AG.

The new branch is the second company in Poland opened by the Standard Chartered banking group. Since June 2018, the Standard Chartered Global Business Services business services centre has been operating in Warsaw, which today employs more than 1,300 people, was reminded.

“We have been reflecting the recognition of the Standard Chartered brand in Poland for five years and I am very pleased with the continuous development of the Group’s operations in Europe. The opening of the Warsaw branch of Standard Chartered Bank AG confirms the bank’s trust in the high quality of services provided from Poland, as well as faith in colleagues who carry out comprehensive processes requiring expert knowledge on a daily basis,” said Anna Urbańska, director of the branch and CEO of Standard Chartered Poland.

“The launch of the new branch in Poland is a significant milestone in the development of our activity in continental Europe,” said Torry Berntsen, CEO for Europe and America.

Standard Chartered reports that it is a leading international banking group, present in the world’s 53 most dynamic markets and listed on the London and Hong Kong stock exchanges. Standard Chartered Bank AG is the centre of Standard Chartered in the European Union, developing the bank’s business activity on the European continent.

Source: Standard Chartered Bank and ISBnews