STV Group discusses transfer of missile production technology to Ukraine

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-02-17   08:39

Czech arms firm STV Group is in talks to transfer additional technology for the production of 155 millimetre calibre missiles for delivery to Ukraine. In addition to ammunition, the company is ready to cooperate in the repair of tanks and other heavy equipment. However, it is facing a shortage of skilled workers and is thus dependent on the conclusion of an intergovernmental agreement between Ukraine and the Czech Republic, which would allow it to bring Ukrainian specialists to the Czech Republic, announced Pavel Beran, financial director of STV Group. NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said this week that the alliance must speed up the delivery of weapons and military equipment to Kiev and increase ammunition production.

STV invested nearly 150 million crowns last year in new technology for filling large-calibre ammunition projectiles. "We have tripled the capacity so that we are now able to fill up to 100,000 missiles a year. We are the only manufacturer in the Czech Republic with such a capacity," Beran noted.

The company is also continuing to invest in production technologies and halls for the production of small-calibre ammunition. After an initial investment of CZK 600 million, STV Group aims to reach an output of 320 million rounds of nine millimetre and 5.56 millimetre calibre ammunition this year. "By the end of 2024, we should have a capacity of more than half a billion rounds per year," he added.

STV Group is also preparing the production of its own certified 155 millimetre calibre bullets so that the company will be able to supply the Czech army in cooperation with Explosia, which will supply the bullets, on a self-sufficient basis. "We are also currently negotiating the transfer of additional technology for the production of 155 millimetre rounds for delivery to Ukraine," Beran said.

"It is also worth mentioning the new line acquired last year worth CZK 50 million for the production of plastic explosives, which we subsequently use, among other things, for the production of reactive armouring for tanks," the CFO noted.

In the field of medium calibre ammunition, STV Group has launched a project to produce its own 30x173 calibre ammunition, which, in addition to Pandur vehicles, should be used by the army's newly acquired CV-90 tracked infantry fighting vehicles.

"We have more investment opportunities, but unfortunately one of the problems is the great caution of banks in supporting the production of military equipment, so we are forced to finance most of the investments only from our own resources. Another limiting factor for increasing capacity is the lack of quality personnel, where we are permanently short of up to a hundred people," Beran said. "And of course, the often cited biggest problem at the moment is the shortage of some key components, such as dust," he added.

He also said that in the matter of further assistance to Ukraine, the company is ready to cooperate in repairing tanks and other heavy military equipment in addition to ammunition. "However, here we are also facing a shortage of qualified personnel, and we are thus dependent on the conclusion of an intergovernmental agreement between Ukraine and the Czech Republic, which would make it possible to bring Ukrainian specialists here," he added.

Source: STV Group and CTK