Sudop to design CZK 4 billion reconstruction of Prague train tunnels

by   CIJ Linguistics
2020-11-19   07:43

Správa železnic (SŽ) has completed a tender for design work on the reconstruction of the train tunnels leading south from Prague's Main Train Station. Not surprisingly, Sudop Praha won the tender with its bid of CZK 89.1 million for the project, which represents an investment of more than CZK 4 billion investment. While the rail network leading north from the station has all been reconstructed recently, the tunnels that lead in the other direction are in terrible technical condition. The need for repairs has been growing quickly, but they've become more difficult to carry because of the quickly rising level of traffic. The rails have suffered water damage as new leaks are constantly discovered and are now at the end of their useful life. Roughly 11 kilometers worth of new rails must be installed in the four kilometers of tunnels that lead under the Prague 2 district of Vinohrady. Work is scheduled to begin in 2022 and continue until 2028.