Sun & Snow: Polish resorts don't have to be expensive

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-07-05   08:37

The media argue that holidays this year will cost us much more than in previous years. The alternative is to go abroad or resign from rest. Meanwhile, according to data from Sun & Snow, which manages the rental of over 2,000. apartments in over 30 resorts and cities in Poland, at the beginning of July we can find very attractive prices. For example, in Kąty Rybackie for 5 nights a family of four will pay PLN 1418, and in Jastrzębia Góra, in the Residence - PLN 1757.

According to media information, 2 people for 7 nights in a hotel on the Baltic Sea will pay up to PLN 3,000 during this holiday. If we compare it to the prices in Bulgaria, Croatia or Turkey, it may turn out to be a much hire amount. The prices of meals are also deterred from Polish resorts. It is certainly an incomplete picture. According to data from Sun & Snow - we will rent an apartment in a popular resort at much more attractive prices than we would have to spend on holidays abroad, and in the case of larger families (e.g. 2 + 2), this offer is almost unbeatable.

“The vast majority of our apartments allow comfortable accommodation for up to 4 people, have a kitchenette and a terrace. At the same time, we provide on-site support for residents and employees of our local offices, which allows you to enjoy leisure at reasonable prices. Of course, our offer includes apartments for demanding customers, where the cost of a stay for 5 days will exceed PLN 4,000. PLN. For July dates, we still have quite a lot of places available in Karpacz, where 5 nights costs about PLN 1,100, or in Białka Tatrzańska, where you have to pay nearly PLN 1,300 for the same stay. In both cases, in the last days of June, 30 apartments were still available in July. In turn, the pool of 10 apartments still remains at Sun & Snow Resorts Kołobrzeg, where 5 nights costs PLN 1782,” said Karolina Orłowska, Operations Director at Sun & Snow.

Prices for holidays result not only from the standard of individual apartments, but also from the location of the facilities. The traditionally very popular Hel Peninsula is PLN 2,840 for 5 nights. We will pay a little less for the same period in Międzyzdroje (PLN 2362). In this popular resort, Sun & Snow manages, among others apartments located right next to the Promenade of Stars, where the greatest Polish artists left their hands. The slightly cheaper locations in Sun & Snow's offer include Kołobrzeg and Świnoujście, where 5 nights means an expense of less than PLN 2,000.

“The summer season of 2021 is very specific. Some of the reservations were made by customers well in advance, changing the dates of their stays due to the restrictions related to COVID-19. There is also a large group of customers this year who have been withholding reservations and vacation plans. Cheaper locations are still very popular, where it is definitely not worth delaying the booking until the last minute. An example is the Sun & Snow Residence in Jastrzębia Góra, where we still have a fairly large pool of apartments, but due to the attractive price - PLN 1757 for 5 nights, they quickly disappear from the offer," adds Karolina Orłowska.

As predicted earlier, some of the most popular locations, such as Stegna or Jurata, in the case of July dates, are practically not available.

According to a survey conducted in March this year. on behalf of Europa Ubezpieczenia - 41.3% of respondents declare that they will spend this year's vacation in Poland, and 24.7% plan to travel abroad. On the other hand, a study by Sun & Snow shows that at the last minute, reservations are made by approx. 8 percent. of the respondents, while in a similar survey conducted in June 2020, this percentage was 16.1%.

The Sun & Snow Group is the largest operator managing the rental of over 2,000 sqm apartments in over 30 resorts and cities in Poland. It has been on the market since 2008. The Sun & Snow company has also introduced a new quality to the development market under the Sun & Snow Resorts brand, implementing holiday apartments aimed at both individual clients and investors. So far, the Group has completed development projects in Szklarska Poręba, Zakopane and Kołobrzeg, and Sun & Snow Resorts Białka Tatrzańska is underway. The Group also includes Sun & Snow Real Estate - a specialized consultancy in the area of ​​investment in real estate intended for rent.

Source: Sun & Snow Group and Mariel & Haan PR