Synerga celebrating 26 years on the market and 11,000 buildings with their systems

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-06-30   09:16

A cost-effective and energy-efficient building is a dream of every real estate investor. All the more so when added high flexibility in changing the use of space and maximum comfort for residents and users. It is precisely such solutions that the Brno company Synerga advocates. This year, it is celebrating 26 years of its existence and at the same time reaching the goal of 11,000 buildings that serve its systems. In total, Synerga has over five thousand complex implementations, supplies solutions for colleges and universities in Brno and Prague, and now cooperates with the mobile operator T-mobile. Last year, the RN Tech investment fund, which focuses on props in the Czech Republic, acquired a majority stake in the company.

Synerga provides its clients with everything from design through implementation to operation of technical equipment of buildings, including energy management and building security. It bases its activities on modern technologies, an experienced team and a professional approach. The company was founded in 1995 and over the last 26 years has accounted for more than five thousand successful implementations, including a project for Brno University of Technology, where one of the largest integrated systems from Honeywell is installed.

"Our new service is the provision of energy services in the form of energy performance contracting (EPC) - we solve complete cost-saving measures and then take care of their operation. Our reward then depends on how successful our cost-effective solutions are, so the client can rely on the best service," said Luboš Daniel, CEO of Synerga.

11 thousand buildings within more than 5 thousand orders
This year, Synerga has reached a significant milestone - its systems already take care of more than 11,000 buildings, and in total the company has implemented over 5,000 complex projects, currently operating and servicing buildings for more than 160 clients. "We have long-term cooperation with, for example, Brno universities such as Masaryk University, Technical University or Mendel University or Lohmann & Rauscher, sro, for which we have been providing central energy dispatching since 2003, servicing HVAC technology and operating and operating non-stop emergency service," adds Daniel.

Synerga can apply smart solutions both to newly created buildings and to already built objects, regardless of their size. For example, already during the preparation of construction finds suitable solutions for creating the desired climate in the building with optimal conceptual interconnection of heating, cooling and ventilation systems with emphasis on a reasonable combination of investment and operating costs.

According to CEO Synergy, room for efficiency and reduction of existing operating costs can also be found in existing projects. "Investing in modern technologies and energy management systems pays off both in the preparation of completely new projects and in existing buildings, because significant savings can be achieved through them. We are here for everyone who wants their buildings to be comfortable for their users, economical and at the same time environmentally friendly. In other words, intelligent. We can not only design such intelligent systems, but also implement and operate them with professional care," confirms Daniel.