The building of the National Theatre and the Romanian Opera in Cluj-Napoca will be restored

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2023-11-09   10:46

The building of the ''Lucian Blaga'' National Theatre in Cluj-Napoca and the Romanian National Opera in Cluj-Napoca will be restored as part of a EUR 20 million investment project financed by the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB).

''Cluj-Napoca is a city of superlatives, a city where investment, economic development and the dynamics of the cultural landscape go hand in hand, and this can be seen in the appearance of the city, the standard of living and the way people talk about Cluj-Napoca in Romania, but also in Europe. As Minister of Culture, I am very happy to be able to contribute to the performance of this city through concrete interventions in terms of investments in heritage, financing of cultural projects, efficiency of cultural institutions and professionalisation of human resources in the cultural field,” said Raluca Turcan, Minister of Culture.