The Competition Council analyzes the increase of prices on the construction materials market

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2021-07-15   10:43

The Competition Council will analyze the evolution of prices for the main construction materials in order to identify possible market malfunctions and the causes that led to the price increase.

Following the analysis, the authority may propose recommendations, respectively measures in order to remedy, mitigate and prevent any negative effects on competition and, implicitly, on consumers, and if it discovers violations of the law, it initiates the necessary procedures to sanction them.

"Although, during the Covid pandemic, the construction sector managed to largely support the national economy, this field is facing an increase in the prices of certain construction materials. Under these conditions, there is a risk of malfunctions in the supply of raw materials for ongoing investments, and with regard to new investments, entrepreneurs may have reservations about bidding, and may have difficulty in making fair and competitive bids due to exceeding the budget. Therefore, we want to identify the causes that generated these developments and to impose measures to improve the functioning of the markets ", said Bogdan Chiriţoiu, President of the Competition Council.