The electronic auction of the unused customs office in Harrachov has started and end on August 2

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-07-29   15:00

Today at 10:00 a.m. the electronic auction of the unused customs office on the Czech-Polish border in Harrachov in Jablonecko started on the Gavlas website The city wants at least 59.7 million crowns for the area of ​​9,000 square meters and dilapidated building. No one bid until 1:00 p.m. Today, company manager Ivo Gavlas did not say whether there are any interested parties when asked. Interested parties still have the opportunity to register, the auction ends on Tuesday, August 2 in the afternoon, he added.

The customs house, built in the 1970s from granite and concrete, was acquired by Harrachov free of charge from the state in 2008. In the past, there was a game room and a free shop with food for rent, but the customs house has been unused and dilapidated for many years. "We have an opinion that says it is almost irreparable," said deputy mayor Tomáš Vašíček (SNK - Change for Harrachov). The city has no use for the customs office, and attempts by the previous Harrach administration to return the building to the state ended in failure. The town hall bought the related land for CZK 11 million and is now offering the almost hectare site to investors.

The new owner will have to demolish the buildings, but according to Vašíček, these are very lucrative plots of land just 400 meters from the new recreation area in Jakušice, Poland. In the future, a bike path should connect the area with the Polish side and with Harrachov. In addition, Harrachov today does not offer any free land on which to build, and there are not many buildings in the mountain resort where new hotels or houses with holiday apartments could be built. "And no one will allow construction on the green field here," Vašíček added.

The next few days will show whether the area will be sold. "If it fails to sell, then nothing happens for me, the property has value, and if we change the zoning plan afterwards, the price will be different," said the deputy mayor. According to him, if a buyer is not found during the holidays, the town hall management is ready to repeat the auction in September. The next step will be up to the newly elected city representative. Of the money taken, 11 million should be returned to the city budget, Harrachov wants to gradually invest the rest in the restoration of the neglected area of ​​ski jumps.

Source: CTK