The interest of foreign investors in Poland is at the pre-pandemic level

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-09-22   10:08

The interest of foreign investors in Poland has been at the pre-pandemic level for a long time, said Krzysztof Drynda, the president of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH). The challenge in terms of maintaining high investment interest in Poland will be to conduct a quick energy transformation.

"If we look at the PAIH statistics, we can say with certainty today that we are long after the pandemic in the context of interest in Poland by foreign investors. The latest FDI report says that Poland is the third country in the world in terms of investment attractiveness after the USA and Spain," he said Drynda during a panel during the European Economic Congress (EKG) in Katowice.

"Looking at the projects that the Agency has in its pipeline today - i.e. 191 projects, which is a better result than in 2019. If all these investments in Poland were implemented, we could even talk about 43,000 jobs and capital 9 billion euros invested. When we compare it to 2019, the number of projects is similar, and so are jobs. there are huge investments," he pointed out.

He also stressed that new climate goals and energy transformation must be taken into account, inter alia, in preparing infrastructure for new investments.

"What awaits us in the near future, our challenge in terms of investment attractiveness is the energy transformation. We see it, we receive messages directly from foreign investors that today, for global corporations, financial goals are on par with climate goals and we must absolutely take it into account and try to we have to do it through the preparation of investment areas. We have to change the legislative procedures. We are working with the Ministry of Climate in such a way as to enable, for example, connecting solar farms directly to the plant, without using the power grid," announced the president of PAIH.

"Investors who are interested not so much in green field investments in production plants, but in RES investments also started to apply to PAIH," he added.

Deputy Minister of Development and Technology Grzegorz Piechowiak also emphasized the aspect of climate transformation as a key aspect to attracting foreign investors to Poland.

"As part of the Green Deal, we want all investment areas to have access to the so-called green energy as much as possible," he indicated.

As Drynda emphasized, a large percentage of investments in Poland are reinvestments.

"A very large percentage of investments in Poland are reinvestments. This is a very good prognosis for the future. Currently, over 90% of foreign investors are ready to reinvest in Poland - this means that we are attractive as an investment destination," concluded the PAIH president.

Source: PAIH and ISBnews