The number of homes for sale has fallen by up to 30% in the last year

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2023-12-07   09:58

The number of houses and apartments available on the residential market has fallen significantly over the past year, with the supply of homes for sale falling by almost 30 percent nationwide, according to Imobiliare.roanalysys.

At the same time, the situation has also affected tenants, who have found it difficult to find a home. Many of those who could no longer access the loans needed to buy a house or an apartment have turned their attention to the rental segment, thus boosting its effervescence.

"Despite expectations, the residential market performed well in the first three quarters of this year, although conditions were difficult: inflation eroding purchasing power, high interest rates, general instability. The fall in supply is the main reason behind the maintenance of prices in the current market conditions, maintaining the balance between supply and demand. Unless we witness major macroeconomic imbalances, in 2024 we expect demand to increase which will most likely lead to price increases," said Daniel Crainic, Imobiliare.romarketing director.