The owners of FM Logistic sell the most valuable distribution centers to CTP

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2023-03-16   08:16

The French provider of logistics and transport services FM Logistic, owned by the Faure and Machet families, is in the process of selling its distribution centers in Timișoara and Dâmbovița to the real estate developer CTP, in a sale-and-leaseback system, which involves the sale of the owned properties and their subsequent rental. The transaction is valued at EUR 40-45 million.

The logistics platform in Dudeștii Noi, near Timișoara, is the largest distribution center of the network, with an area of approximately 50,000 sqm and a maximum expansion capacity of 80,000 sqm.

The center in Petrești, Dâmbovița county has an area of about 28,000 sqm, to which is added adjacent land that can ensure an expansion of the warehouses up to 120,000 sqm.