Transporturi Auto Filaret sold a parcel of land to the Paval brothers

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2022-10-06   08:49

The Dedeman company purchased a land parcel on Spătarul Preda street, no. 9A, from Transporturi Auto Filaret for around 3,000 square meters.
The business has already begun the process of tearing down the current building on this property.

The additional land is close to the Comatchim International halls, which Dedeman purchased in December 2018 for EUR 3.3 million. Dedeman also paid an additional EUR 6.7 million for the adjacent Comatchim platform bordering 2.7-hectare land belonging to the Industria Iutei business. .

After the new acquisition, Dedeman reached about 6 hectares of land near the Carol park in the capital. "For the time being, we have not determined a destination for this land, we are still studying capitalization opportunities," Dedeman representatives said.