Two local companies want to buy land in the Chrudim industrial zone

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-09-06   10:47

The management of Chrudim recommended to the representatives that the city sell additional plots of land in the West industrial zone. Two local companies, Peform Chrudim and CityZen, want to buy them. In the past, the city sold land in the zone at a price of CZK 650 per square meter, but now, based on an expert opinion, it has increased the price to 990 crowns per square meter.

"In total, the city will get CZK 24.669 million for the land. One more sale will be prepared this year to the existing owner of the land in the zone, who wants to use it for his business," Deputy Mayor Petr Lichtenberg (Chrudimáci) said today.

The company Peform is engaged in engineering production, specifically die forging, during which a semi-finished product heated to the forging temperature is pressed into a special form with the pressure of a hammer. The produced forgings will, as before, be transferred to the sister plant Pewag Vamberk, where they are assembled. The resulting product of engineering production are hooks, connecting links and components for snow, protective and endless chains. It already has its own plant in the zone, and wants to purchase 15,617 sqm for the new hall.

The CityZen company produces clothes from specially treated cotton fabric that does not show sweat and does not get dirty. It has a patented technology, according to it, no one in the world produces a similar substance. He plans to buy 9,301 sqm in the zone for a factory for the production of so-called smart T-shirts.

The West industrial zone with an area of ​​33 hectares, the establishment of which cost Chrudim approximately CZK 100 million, is largely full. For example, the Chrudim company Dřevovýroba Ficek or the manufacturer of tubes for wind power plants Siag work here. The city also sold land to Sofiko, which manufactures baking trays and various types of molds for bakeries, or Kayaba, a manufacturer of automobile silencers. Plots in the industrial zone west are also owned by the Austrian chain manufacturer Pewag, the Chrudim companies Monas Trade Company, Redleta and Burkoň, or the Slatina company Stavební huť. The town hall kept the land on which the city wants to build a second, larger collection yard. The smaller industrial zone north of the exit from the city to Pardubice is already sold out.

Source: CTK