UBM approved the luxury lifestyle hotel Andaz in the center of Prague

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-01-06   17:06
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The company UBM Development Czechia awaits approval after its long and demanding reconstruction of the more than 100-year-old former Sugar Mill Palace on Senovážné náměstí in the center of Prague. In the spring of this year, the luxurious five-star Andaz Prague Hotel with 176 rooms will open in the historic building, which will be the premiere of the renowned Hyatt network entering the Czech Republic. The hotel will be in trial operation at the beginning of 2022.

After the approval is completed, the Andaz Prague hotel now only installs interior equipment. At the same time, restoration work on this listed building is finishing. The rental units on the ground floor are also being completed, where, for example, a Fio bank branch or a Relay store will be established.

"Hotel Andaz Prague, the highest line of the multinational luxury hotel chain Hyatt, is our largest investment in the Czech Republic in almost 30 years of history and we already have a number of large and demanding projects in the Czech Republic, such as the Anděl City multifunctional complex in Prague 5. We are very pleased that the Hyatt network has chosen our project for its entry into the Czech Republic. It considered locations very carefully and they have only four hotels throughout Europe: in Vienna, Munich, London and Amsterdam. Prague will be the fifth," says Josef Wiedermann, CEO of UBM Development Czechia.

The reconstruction of the more than 100-year-old building on Senovážné náměstí with an irregular elongated pentagonal floor plan is in the spirit of elegance and timelessness.

"During the construction of the Andaz Prague hotel, we mainly use our experience from the reconstruction of the historic building from 1897 in Zvonařka in Prague in Vinohrady into the luxury hotel Le Palais Art Prague. Because the building of the original Sugar Mill Palace on Senovážné náměstí is a cultural monument, our team of designers worked with it extremely sensitively. For example, we have preserved the original windows, doors, stucco decoration and fireplaces in the hotel. We worked closely with conservationists during the reconstruction. The historical value of the building with its authentic atmosphere has thus been preserved, and at the same time adapted to the current lifestyle," explains UBM architect David Lukas, adding: "Of course, we with an emphasis on ecological and sustainable elements. For example, we use natural materials as much as possible: solid wooden floors can be mentioned as an example. On the flat roofs in the courtyard, we have planted extensive greenery, which will help mitigate the effect of the city's heat island."

In addition to luxury accommodation, the hotel will also include a fitness and wellness center, gastronomic facilities and 450 sqm of space for various events. The original meeting room of the management of the Insurance Sugar Association, located in the bridge leading to the Jindřišská Tower, will become a stylish conference room. The new purpose of historically valuable spaces will be very similar to the original.

"We have solved the entire Andaz Prague project to the last detail with Hyatt in order to meet the demanding standards of hotel equipment," concludes David Lukas.

In the building of the former Sugar Mill Palace in the center of Prague, during the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1912-1916), the Association of Sugar Mills had a monumental neoclassical-style palace built according to the design of architect Josef Zasche and sculptor Franz Metzner. Already at that time, the building became a prominent feature of the square. After the Second World War, it served various purposes, after 1989 it was also owned by the bankrupt Investment and Postal Bank. The palace has been a protected monument since 1993. Since then, he has changed hands several times until UBM came and decided to give him a new life.