Ústí nad Labem does not agree with the demolition of the Schicht factory administration building

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-03-07   23:51

The Ústí nad Labem city councillors do not agree with the demolition of the administrative building of the Schicht factory in Střekov. At the same time, they supported the initiative of the Ústí Region's administration, which is considering negotiations with the owner to buy the historic building. However, opposition deputy and senator Martin Krsek (PRO! Ústí), who wanted the town to start negotiations with the owner, came up with the original proposal and the inclusion of the item in yesterday's agenda.

In February, the opposition initiated an extraordinary council meeting due to the demolition of the former headquarters of the Schicht factory, but the coalition did not approve the agenda. The building, which housed the management of what was once the largest company of its kind in Europe, has almost been demolished. However, it is possible that the private owner will continue the demolition.

"A very valuable building is disappearing," Krsek said today. The management defends itself by saying that it had no information that the building would be demolished. "The city, through its department, has given approval for the demolition. I take it as a huge mistake that the city did not know about the demolition," Krsek said. He said this should be changed in the future by a systemic regulation within the municipality. He added that a truck parking lot will be created instead of the headquarters. "Moreover, the demolition of the building will expose the view into the factory and the boundary between the factory and the public space will disappear," he said. According to Krsko, the building has no major defects, although it faces non-ferrous metal thieves.

The city tried to save the headquarters, according to Deputy Mayor Tomáš Vlach (ANO). For example, councillor and MP Eva Fialová (ANO) discussed the building with the culture minister. The Ministry of Culture has initiated administrative proceedings to declare the administrative building of the Schicht factory in Střekov a state-protected monument. The coalition criticized Krsko for not seeking its protection earlier.

There was also an opinion among the citizens that the building should be demolished. Others felt it should remain in the city. Councillor Michal Mohr (SPD) said that the building was stolen, looted and should go down because its statics were broken. He did not present a document or an opinion confirming this. Tomková came up with a counter-offer based on the statement of the Ústí Region's management, which may negotiate with the owner to buy it. Last week, Deputy Governor Jiří Kulhánek (ODS) said the administrative building could be used as an archive. Tomková said their initiative should be supported. As part of the resolution, they will be supported in their consideration by the councillors who also sit on the regional council and the town council.

Source: CTK