Ústí nad Labem has announced a new tender for a municipal architect

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-03-15   13:22

Ústí nad Labem has announced a new tender for a city architect. A group of three architects, who wanted to perform the function together, applied for the first competition in violation of the conditions of the tender. The councillors therefore decided to modify the conditions. Mayor Petr Nedvědický (ANO) told journalists today.

"We put out a tender for a single architect, and three applied," Nedvědický said. According to him, they were quality candidates with whom the city could establish cooperation. One of the modifications to the conditions of the tender was to change the working hours from fixed to flexible. If the city was unable to find an architect, Nedvědický said the work of the trio could eventually be invoiced.

The council decided to establish a city architect's office under the mayor's office this January. In the last legislature, the opposition PRO! Ústí the establishment of a contributory organisation of the city architect's office. Due to the fact that ANO and ODS voted against it, the then PRO! Ústí denounced the coalition agreement.

Source: CTK