Ústí nad Orlicí will sell land for family houses in an electronic auction

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-10-25   09:57

The town hall in Ústí nad Orlicí will now sell selected plots of land by electronic auction. It will offer them for individual construction of family houses. On-line auctions are also available elsewhere in the Czech Republic and have proved successful, for example, in Lanškroun, according to Mayor Petr Hájek (Oušťáci).

"The first plot we are offering to the public is a plot in the cadastral area of Černovír near Ústí nad Orlicí. It is a plot of land included in the buildable areas of the zone for housing in family houses, it is possible to build a house on it," said Hájek.

The first auction is a pilot. If successful, the town hall plans to sell 23 plots of land in an electronic auction in the Nová Dukla locality. The city is preparing their reseeding. "The investment will be completed next year. We would like to sell the plots by electronic auction in spring 2024," the mayor said.

The starting price of the land in Černovir is set at CZK 3.2 million. The first auction is scheduled for November 15. Interested parties can register on the city's auction portal. There they can find all the details about the land and the auction. One of the conditions for participation in the auction is the payment of the auction security, which in the case of the land in Černovir will be CZK 50,000. The minimum bid is 20,000 crowns.

"The price of the land can be increased by electronic auction than if it is sold by the envelope method. The question is whether it can bring more revenue to the budget. That is why we are launching the auction," Hájek said.

The city will set other conditions in the purchase agreement because it does not want speculators to buy the land. "It is necessary to set criteria so that it is bought by a natural person, so that it is not land intended for speculation. The contractual conditions oblige the buyer to build a house within a certain time period. Or the city will have a right of first refusal if the bidder backs out of the plan within some time," the mayor said.

Source: CTK